Due to the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases across the country and following one of our nursing staff who tested positive, the hospital has with immediate effect suspended all visiting hours.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining a safe environment is a critical area of concern for the hospital. 

All Medical Investments Limited (MIL) facilities which include the flagship facility, The Avenues Clinic and the St Clements chemotherapy have adopted and implemented measures to ensure that visitors, patients and staff are protected against any possible exposure. The hospital continuously takes guidance and advise from its internationally respected infection prevention and control (IPC) experts and recommendations from the World Health organisation (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) seriously. A number of steps have been implemented in addition to the standard rigorous infection control measures, all to ensure the facility and its associated units remain safe for everyone. That way, patients can confidently receive the clinic’s cutting-edge care.


Screening Tent


The hospital has set up screening tents to make sure everyone who visits the hospital, including employees, gets screened by the main entrance. The screening makes up the hospital’s first layer of safety and is quite thorough. Temperature checks and hand sanitisation are done at this point for everyone entering the hospital premises, noting that only one entrance and exit point is open to minimise traffic entering using undesignated points. Screening is also done at the hospital’s ambulance bay for patients who come through as emergencies. The screening set up at the main gate are made up of two tents, one of which is for screening and the other one for isolation in the event of a suspected Covid-19 case. According to the hospital’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) standards, it is not enough to detect an anomaly or identify a case that meets the definition of a suspected Covid-19 case. In addition to that detection, it is important to ensure all detected cases are isolated and tested instantly.


Personal Protective Equipment


Though the hospital currently cares for non-Covid-19 patients only, all healthcare personnel across the facility are always donned in personal protective equipment (PPE) recommended for the different work areas by the WHO and the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC). In addition to the PPE, a team within the structures of the hospital has been identified to ensure staff properly put on, take off and dispose of PPE for the safety of the staff as well as that of the patients.


Rapid Diagnostic Testing (RDT)


In true support of their IPC policies, the hospital recently started screening for the Covid-19 using rapid diagnostic testing (RDT), adding onto the safety layers of ensuring the hospital remains safe for all. Onsite testing not only guarantees quick turnaround times on results but ensures patients receive timely intervention and treatment. Setting up onsite diagnostic services has also always been one of the hospital’s main sources of pride even across other ancillary services as we also offer onsite pathology and radiology services making us a one stop health hub. 


Temporary Isolation and Management


While there is no history of confirmed positive Covid-19 cases at the hospital to date, there is a set up prepared  to manage patients after they are confirmed as a positives case and  awaiting evacuation to designated isolation centres without spreading to staff and other patients.


Enhanced disinfection process


The hospital employs a Covid-19 trained disinfection team which is always on standby to sanitise the environment three times a day. When you come across this team, you need not be alarmed as they are there to take care of your safety, donned in the recommended PPE, and carrying knapsacks at the back. The disinfection team also uses WHO-recommended disinfection solutions for hospital environments.



Door to door pharmacy needs delivery


A delivery system for pharmacy needs has also been introduced to ensure people stay safe at home and still get their vital stocks replenished. The hospital encourages members of the public to take advantage of this delivery system to minimise movements in search of drugs and medical sundries.


Designated Covid-19 facility


In an effort to contribute directly towards the fight against Covid-19, The Avenues Clinic set up a Trust and offered one of its units, Montagu Clinic, to be used as a testing, isolation and treatment centre for Covid-19. Work to mobilise funding is currently underway in order to equip the unit to deal with potential and confirmed Covid-19 cases.










Visiting Hours


Management wishes to advise that visiting of patients admitted in hospital has been suspended with immediate effect. The suspension has been necessitated by the continued rise in the number of Covid-19 

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